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   Research Requests 

We will research a single French-Canadian line back to the original ancestor who came from France, draw up a four-generation chart, or research a single marriage.


The following fee schedule applies:

Full Direct Line, marriages only (one ancestor, i.e., father’s or mother’s line)                                                                                                                                Members           $ 35.00 
                                                                                               Non-Members    $ 50.00 

Four (4) Generation Chart (up to 8 marriages)                               

                                                                                                 Members            $ 25.00
                                                                                                 Non-Members     $ 40.00


One (1) Marriage, including date, place and parents of both individuals if listed in record                                                                                                                 Members           $   5.00
                                                                                                     Non-Members    $ 10.00


Baptism Research (We will need name, date, and approx. church county/region)                         

                                                                                                    Members           $ 10.00

                                                                                                    Non-Members     $ 12.00

Photocopies of references, requested with or without research                         $0.75 per page

We require a $10 deposit to assess whether or not we can do the research ($20 for non-members). That fee covers assessment of the problem including a minimum of two hours’ research in our library’s holdings.   

Extended research may be requested for $25 per hour.  

The deposit fee will be credited toward a completed search. If we succeed in finding what you are looking for within the initial two hours of searching, then we would send you a report and there would be no additional fee beyond the deposit.

Please note:

•    All fees must be paid in advance, in U.S. currency, and are not refundable.  
•    Initial inquiries by mail must include a self-addressed, stamped business size envelope. We

     can not respond to mail inquiries without one.  Email inquiries are preferred.
•   When submitting a research request, please be sure to include all available information

     such as names, events, dates, locations, etc.
•    Our research response will include copies of up to 3 sources at no extra charge.
•    We will search diligently through the materials available at our library to find the information

     required. However, we cannot promise success. Fees are set to compensate for the time

     and effort involved in conducting the search, not based on the results achieved.



CML Article Reprint Requests 

Copies of articles in the Connecticut Maple Leaf, Volumes 1-16, may be requested for $1.00 per page, postage included. Individual issues, where available, are also for sale. See listing under the "For Sale" tab.  Address requests for article reprints or back issues of the CML to, ATTN: Library Director.



Lineage Verification Certificate


The Lineage Verification Certificate authenticates a single line of your research.  It provides proof that your research has been vetted and confirmed as accurate by our Research Department.


The FCGSC will verify your research but will not perform original lineage research as part of the certification. (Payment for original research by the FCGSC is separate from this process and does not include a Verification Certificate.)

  • You must submit marriage dates and places for each couple in a direct line. Birth and death dates are requested but not required. Copies of the actual documents need not be submitted. Where marriage date and place are not known, you must provide alternate documentation or describe in detail your reason(s) for including said persons in your direct line.

  • We reserve the right to reject lineages found to be incorrect or unproven, and to decline to issue verification for such research. Where an error has been found, our Research Department will explain the problem and if possible, suggest a correction at that point in the lineage only, but will not complete the lineage.

  • On approval of your lineage research, we will issue:

    • A document listing each couple in the direct lineage, with names of their parents if available; their birth and death dates, if known; and the date and place of the couple’s marriage.
    • An official  certificate stating “This is to certify that documentation of  research submitted by [name of applicant] has been reviewed and is found to be accurate in all particulars.  He/she is hereby certified to be a ___th generation descendant in direct line from [names and place(s) of origin of original ancestor(s), with brief significant facts, e.g, carpenter, Captain of Militia, Fille du Roi, member of Carignan Regiment, etc.] The descent of [name of applicant] from [name of ancestor], as documented in Québec archival records, is certified to be as follows:” with the direct line ancestors following.

Members:  $40 first lineage certificate; $20 second certificate same lineage (you may substitute the name of a sibling of the original starting person). 

Non-members: $45 first lineage certificate; $25 second certificate same lineage (may substitute sibling of original starting person)

      Click here for Sample Certificate          Sample Document listing couples

Verification Certificate Application Form


Speakers Bureau  


Please contact us for more information.




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