Saturday, October 9, 2021 Business Meeting


1:00 Business Meeting
1. Call to order (Paul Lajoie)
2. Accept April 2021 Meeting Minutes (Paul Lajoie)
3. Budget proposal for 2021-2022/Financial Report (Don Belleville)
4. Membership Report (Annette Ouellet)
5. Library Report (Maryanne LeGrow)
6. NERGC Report  (Frances Nadeau)
7. Scholarship Report (Frances Nadeau)
8. Election of Officers and Directors (*See below)
9. New Business
10. Adjournment

*Election nominees
Executive Board  
President                 Paul Lajoie 
Vice President          Susan Griffiths
Rec. Secretary          Dee Belleville
Treasurer                 Don Belleville
Library Director         Maryanne LeGrow
Membership Officer   Annette Ouellett

Directors  2021-23
Albert Marceau
Germaine Hoffman
Phyllis Bonneau

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