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Library Use Rules

Library Rules and Regulations


1.    For security reasons, briefcases and bags cannot be taken into the library.  They must be         checked at the front desk upon arrival.

2.    Pencils ONLY may be used. If you do not have a pencil, one will be provided to you.

3.    Food and drink may only be consumed in the designated area.

4.    All books, repertoires, index cards and records must be used within the section to which         they belong and on no account are to be carried into another section of the library.  No           books, repertoires, index cards, magazine, manuscripts, microfilms, microfiches, CD-               ROMs, computers or any other material belonging to the Society may be removed from           the building.  Care should be taken in handling all such materials, and under no                     circumstances should the Society’s records be written upon.  Open books should not be           laid face down, nor on top of one another.

5.    Books available through the circulating library must be checked out at the front desk.  

6.    Photocopies of some records may be made.  The library assistants will help you and a             nominal per-page copying charge will be applied.

7.    Volunteer Librarians are on duty to assist researchers in using the collections.  They               should not be asked to conduct searches which can reasonably be undertaken by the             member concerned.  If you require more intensive assistance, our research staff is                 available on a fee basis.  All remuneration goes to the Society’s general fund.

8.    Mobile phones, pagers and any other communication devices must be switched off                 before entering the building and remain off while you are conducting your research

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