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Parish Repertoire Collection 

The FCGSC library has an extensive collection of what are commonly known as “Repertoires” – that is, lists of baptisms, marriages and burials taken from individual Québec parish records, along with a few parish census lists.  Because baptisms typically include a birth date and burials normally include a date of death and sometimes the age of a deceased person, these records served as both sacramental and vital records until the mid-1990s. The files below are grouped alphabetically by province, county, or U.S. state.  Within Canadian provinces and counties, the listings are alphabetized by parish; within U.S. states they are alphabetized by town.  The following codes are used to indicate the type of information  a repertoire contains:

B = Baptisms,  M = Marriages,  S = Burials,  A = Annotations, R = Census

U.S. States

Canadian Provinces

Quebec Counties

                        Page updated 2/21/2020
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