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Quebec- Another Adventure  August 2-9, 2020

  • Staying at our favorite B&B on the Ile de Orleans with Jean-Louis and Danielle

  • Train ride (Train de Charlevoix) up the coast of the St.Lawrence

  • Boat ride around the Ile de Orleans at St. Laurent

  • Tour of Ile de Orleans

  • Genealogical research at Laval University

  • Tour of the Copper Museum

  • Downtown adventures with the "New France Festival"

Reservations will be accepted on March 1.  Please click here for the application.

We are carefully monitoring the situation with the COVID-19 virus.  Please watch the website for any updates. We appreciate your patience as we determine the best course of action!

Day Trips-  Try a one day fun and educational trip!

Boston, MA- Wednesday, May 6: tour and time for research at the New England Historical Genealogical Society.  Lunch at an additional site (TBD).  The trip will depart (at 8 am) and return from FCGSC.  Times and cost will be announced soon.


Manchester, N.H.  Fall 2020:  This will include time at the American-Canadian Genealogical Society.  Details will be annnounced at a later date.  

We are sorry to share that the Quebec Trip has been cancelled for health concerns.  Please check back as we reschedule cancelled activities.  Stay safe.

Workshops and Free Speakers

Don't miss out on these opportunities!

March 11, 2020- Introduction to Research and Resources available at FCGSC and online

                        6:00 - 8:00 PM at FCGSC     Bring your own questions!  

April 8, 2020- Advanced Genealogical Research via laptop

                        6:00 - 8:00 PM at FCGSC     Bring your own laptop and questions.  Participants will

                        actively engage in research using an assortment of research engines.

April 14, 2020- Speaker:  The Battle of Quebec or How the French Lost North America

                          6:30 PM  FCGSC

May 12, 2020-  Speaker:  Why do Acadians Identify Themselves as Acadians and not                                          "French"?

                        6:30 PM FCGSC

PLEASE note:  Registration for the Workshops and Speakers is open and can be made by calling the library at 860-872-2597.

All scheduled activities are cancelled.  Please watch the web site for updates.  Stay healthy and safe.  Be smart!