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Can I use the library if I'm not a member?


Yes. Non-members are very welcome to come and have a look around, to see if our holdings might be useful to them. A library use fee of $5.00 per day applies to each non-member who decides to stay and conduct research. If the researcher applies for membership in the Society within the same year in which the fee was paid, he or she may use their payment receipt for a $5.00 discount on that year's membership dues. 

Do your books circulate?

The majority of our books and other materials do not circulate. We do have a small circulating library of books that focus primarily on history, literature, political and social topics concerned with France, French Canada, and Canadian immigrants in the United States. The circulating library is available for use by current FCGSC members. The daily research fee does not include borrowing privileges for circulating library books. 

I don't read French: can you help with translations?

Many of our members and volunteers are native speakers of French, and there is usually someone at the library who can help with translation of written documents. If no one happens to be avail-able, patrons may leave questions about materials with the librarian on duty and we will attempt to find an answer and respond by phone or e-mail. We do not offer professional translation services.

Can you help me locate a living relative?

We are unable to help with searches for living persons.


Can I request your books through interlibrary loan?

We do not particpate in interlibrary loan programs, because many of our reference books are out of print, and/or difficult or even impossible to replace. The library receives no outside funding and we reserve the materials for use by our members whose yearly dues make its operation possible.

Are you a nonprofit organization?

Yes, we are a legally incoprorated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, holding State and Federal non-profit tax exemption status.

Can I use your membership card to access Connecticut town records?

Yes. The status of the FCGSC as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization legally incorporated in the State of Connecticut meets the requirement of CT General Statutes Section 7-51. Proof of member-ship in the FCGSC entitles a researcher to access "birth and fetal death records less than one hundred years old" that is granted by this statute to "members of genealogal societies incorporated or authorized by the Secretary of the State to do business or conduct affairs in this state."

Do you have internet access for patrons?

We provide free internet access to patrons with personal laptops, as well as dedicated library computers for internet use. 

Do you have primary source materials?

No, our materials are unofficial extracts and transcripts from the original sources. Once you have found a record in our library, you can contact the appropriate repository for an official copy.

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