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2019 ACADIA Photos from the trip

Pictures are coming . . . 

August 15-21, 2019

Cape Breton Island
Acadian Expulsion
map of Acadia
Lovers Arch and Bear Rock- Hopewell Rock
Acadia Light House_edited_edited

Sponsored by the:
French-Canadian Genealogical Society of Connecticut




August 15    Depart Tolland CT at 7:30 a.m.             
                    Arrive in Saint John, NB 8-9 hours later
                    Dinner at Grannon’s Seafood
                    Overnight at Holiday Inn Express

August 16    Drive to Moncton, NB
                    On the way to Moncton we will visit Hopewells Rocks.  It's a park where there are very                        high tides that eroded the rocks and made them look like big flower pots on the beach.                        You need to be able to walk, but there is transportation for those who can’t walk too                            much. Please click on Hopewells Rocks to get the real flavor!  In Moncton there is an                        Acadian Museum that is very interesting.
                    Stay at Amsterdam Inn & Suites (3 nights)

August 17    Attend the festivities at the Cassie Family Reunion

August 18    Attend the festivities at the LeBlanc Family Reunion

August 19    Go to Le Pays de la Sagouine and immerse ourselves in Acadian Culture and a whirlwind                      of music and theater on the small island in Boutouche, NB (In French). While the theater                      is in French, there is much ambiance to embrace- a walk by Acadian homes displaying                          objects from the past and listening to music from nearly 300 years ago. There is also a                        walkway on the dunes where you can see marine life.

August 20    Leave Moncton and head to Annapolis Royal by way of Grand Pre.  In the Grand Pre                            area we will experience the Evangeline Trail, Horton’s Landing (where Acadian                                    Deportation took place) and see samples of Acadian built dikes. We will also make a stop                      at Fort Beausejour on our way to Annapolis Royal.
                    We will lodge overnight at the Annapolis Royal Inn.
                    In Annapolis we will also see in the area the Annapolis Tidal Power Project, the second                        largest tidal generating station in the world.  We hope to go to the Port Royal National                          Historic Site, a reconstruction of the early 17th century French Colony.
                    Dinner will be at the Annapolis Royal Inn.

August 21    Take the Bigby Ferry to Saint John, NB and travel back to CT


                    * * * Itinerary Subject to Updates * * *


Dear Ron, Many thanks to you and Ben for all your hard work towards this trip.  You provided us with an opportunity to experience so much: re-connecting with our roots, having a blast, connecting with one another and so much more.  I will always cherish fondly these memories. Great trip, great times, great people!!!

View of 275 feet (84 meters) high Montmorency falls (located 10 km east of Quebec City).jpg Quebec,
Rue du Petit-Champlain at Lower Old Town (Basse-Ville) - Quebec City, Quebec, Canada_
IMG_0712 - Copy - Copy
Citadele of Quebec
IMG_0651 - Copy - Copy
Chateau Frontenac and Dufferin terrace at dusk, Quebec city, Quebec, Canada
Highway 132 at the coast of Saint Lawrence River in Quebec, Canada
Ancestral white wooden house with red tin roof in the Island of Orleans, Quebec
IMG_0525 - Copy
IMG_0489 - Copy
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