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The purpose of the surname list is for members to share information on French-Canadian surnames they are researching. Please register and upon approval you will be able to be included in this list, or to modify your information.

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Surname Member Email Membership ID
DUBOIS Cheryl Clarkin 1150
DUBOIS Patricia Morse 739
DUBOIS Fabiola Cutler 1680
DUBORD Paul Dalbec 467
DUBREUIL Reginald Chenard 1567
DUCHAINE Carol Grous 1826
DUCHARME Bernard & Pauline Lavalley 398
DUCHARME Albert & Joyce Cormier 2013
DUCUC Debra Inman 1499
DUFAULT Paul Labossiere Dufily 516
DUFILY Doris Morgan 1682
DUFRESNE Thomas & Janet Phelan 1287
DUGAS Albert Dugas 2021
DUGUAY Roy & Thérèse Lachapelle 1808
DUGUAY Patti Parsons 1909
DUGUAY Lester Leblanc 457
DUHAMEL Edward Blondin 1695
DUHAMEL Carol King 1847
DULIGNON Edward Lamirande 446
DUMAS Fabiola Cutler 1680