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Members Surname List

The purpose of the surname list is for members to share information on French-Canadian surnames they are researching. Please register and upon approval you will be able to be included in this list, or to modify your information.

By submitting this information, you agree to be contacted by others about these surnames and release the French-Canadian Genealogical Society from any responsibility related to the publication of this information.

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Surname Member Email Membership ID
BOUCHER Madeleine & Raymond Hubert 862
BOUCHER Arthur Sivigny 2042
BOUDREAU Janet Generous 1716
BOUDREAU Edward & Marion Graveline 620
BOUDREAU Lester Leblanc 457
BOUFFARD Edward Deming 979
BOULANGER Glen Chenette 1854
BOULANGER Diane, Katherine M. &. William J. IV 2035
BOULANGER Roberta Maratta 796
BOULE Nancy Reed 2034
BOULEY Susan Boulay-Erickson 1179
BOURBEAU Patricia Bourbeau 1259
BOURDON Laurel Trahan 2091
BOURG Glen Chenette 1854
BOURGOIS Charlene Crosthwaite 1280
BOURQUE Carol King 1847
BOUSQUET Thomas Bousquet 1975
BOUSQUET Felicia Bousquet 1444
BOUTHIETTE Ernest Bouthiette, Jr 1951